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CoolTShirts - 04/10/2020

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

My SQL Practice Project From:

Codecademy Data Science course SQL Analyze real Data with SQL section

Attribution Queries

1. Get familiar with the company.

How many campaigns and sources does CoolTShirts use and how are they related?

Be sure to explain the difference between utm_campaign and utm_source.

What pages are on their website?

2. What is the user journey?

How many first touches is each campaign responsible for?

How many last touches is each campaign responsible for?

How many visitors make a purchase?

How many last touches on the purchase page is each campaign responsible for?

What is the typical user journey?

3. Optimize the campaign budget.

CoolTShirts can re-invest in 5 campaigns. Which should they pick and why?

CoolTShirts sells shirts of all kinds, as long as they are T-shaped and cool. Recently,

CTS started a few marketing campaigns to increase website visits and purchases.

Using touch attribution, they’d like to map their customers’ journey:

from initial visit to purchase. They can use that information to optimize their marketing campaigns.

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