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Jeopardy the Console Game - 05/24/2020

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

The Jeopardy Console Game is a personnel project, an offshoot from the Codecademy Data Science path, under the Data Analysis with Pandas Python library section.

It is a Python Pandas library based, solo player Jeopardy console game.


• Tidying data from a csv file to be used by the console game.

• Data manipulation with the python Pandas library.

• User input with msvcrt.getch().

• Error handling.

Game play description:

The Game-play consists of a clues quiz comprising of 3 rounds.

The clues in the quiz are presented as "answers” and responses must be phrased in the form of a question..

Round-1 Jeopardy: 2 categories 2 clues.

Round-2 Double Jeopardy: 2 categories 2 clues, the clues values are double.

Round-3 Final Jeopardy: 1 clue wager.

To move from round-1 to round-2 and from round- to round-3, all the clues in all the categories in the round, have to be answered, and your winnings can not be $0 or less.

The game feature a settings options where the number of categories and the number of clues per category can be change up to 4 categories and 4 clues per category.

The game also feature a cheat mode when enabled will display the response to the clues.

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